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I am bringing a blog post today about my reflection on blogging. This topic was sparked by a old university classmate who interviewed me for a blogging topic for her masters degree. I found this so interesting as I haven’t looked back at how I got to blogging, I’ve only reflected on what I like and don’t like about blogging. I thought I would post the interview questions that I answered!

Here goes…..


When did you set up ‘Look it’s Jasmine’?
I initially set up a fashion blog in 2014 under the name Jasmine Louise Fashion. Over time my Instagram LookitsJasmine became more recognised for my fashion posts so I decided to close my first blog and set up Look its Jasmine in August 2015. It was only after University in July 2016 I decided to take my blogging more seriously as this became my fashion outlet around full time work. 
How would you describe the site?
I would say my site is a place where you can find all my style and thoughts around fashion. I wanted the site to be my very own fashion catalogue so I can document what I wore and when so I can reflect on it in the future…sort of like a style capsule.
Why did you set it up?
I set up the blog to show people my style as I was so invested in how i dressed. I also did it to help improve my self confidence as I really struggled with it. It allowed myself to push myself out my comfort zone this helped me to learn to accept myself as I am.
Do you get business from other companies asking you to advertise for them?
I do get quite a few businesses asking for me to promote them. These requests can be as simple as adding a banner on my site for a rate or sending me products to review and feature. I have recently established strong relationships with some really great brands that send me garments on a monthly basis.
How do you get new material?
I find myself inspired by other bloggers and this is where I find new material to write about. It could be new trends, hot topics or styling. With new material from businesses I often get approached by their PR or marketing teams.
How many followers do you have?
Over all my social media platforms I have over a 15K following. Instagram being my largest.
Your brand image looks great, how did you come up with this?  Do you think this is important?
My brand images such as logos are all created by myself. All brand photography is either taken by a photographer, Leah Cowley that I have contact with (lives in Carlisle) or my lovely boyfriend using a DSLR when the photographer I use is unable to come to where I live.
I think having clear brand images is very important in blogging. I used to take all my blog photos in my bedroom by myself which looked okay but wasn’t the quality I wanted so I decided to get a photographer to take some photos. This transformed my blog into looking more professional and established. I was also able to keep up with other bloggers as good photos are essential in my opinion.

Who are your target market?
My target market would be females aged 15-40 (according to my insights). I don’t particularly aim for certain people when I post, I aim for people interested in personal style and who like trends. 
Where would you like to see ‘Look it’s Jasmine’ in 3 years time?
I would like to see Look its Jasmine to have a bigger community by expanding my fashion channels to video. This would be a big deal to my blog as it would give it another dimension and more personality.
Do you have a day job?
I am a full time graphic/multimedia designer at Central England Co-operative! 
Can you give me any advice on the importance of blogging for a new business?
My biggest piece of advice to blogging for any kind of subject is never give up. You will get times where you feel like your not going anywhere but if you break through that feeling you will get somewhere. It takes a lot of hard work but it really is worth the time you put into it and it is rewarding in the smallest ways which is a great feeling. Also don’t worry about having a huge following because having a small following you can still have an impact.
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. May 3, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    Thank you Jasmine.

    This information has been invaluable for my current project.

    Your style really sets you apart and the decision to have professional photos makes all the difference.

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