Mental Health Awareness Week – What I learned this week

Mental health awareness week - What I have learned this week and my story

This week has been Mental health awareness week which has been a great week to share stories and raise awareness for such an important subject. This is especially a subject of that lies close to my heart as I am a person that suffers with anxiety. This can prove to be very challenging in everyday life but it is something I deal with. I don’t think I realised that mental health affects so many people, young and old on such a large scale. It’s sad because it’s a subject that is so stigmatised which leads to people not being open about it and scared to get the right help. 

I learned this week that so many people hide the fact that they suffer from mental health, small or big. I hold my hand up to this because I am scared of the stigma that comes with it. After listening to some really great and emotional stories this week I realised that it’s not just me who feels the way I do about mental health. It’s something that people feel should be hidden because their scared of what others think or scared of being treated differently. 

My anxiety started in my first year of college, a time where I should have been enjoying starting a new course and making new friends. This wasn’t the case for me, I really struggled with such a big change from high school to suddenly being independent and a course where I was faced with let’s say social challenges. I don’t think I realised this would affect me in this way. I had got to the point where I dreaded going to college because I was scared of what I faced. At this time of my life I didn’t realise I was suffering from anxiety and it was something I didn’t know how to deal with. Things got better in my second year when I changed classes and made friends with the best people. I wish that I was taught about anxiety at a younger age so I knew how to cope with it and how to see the signs. It wasn’t until my first year of university I actually realised it was anxiety and this is when I finally got help from a counsellor. This helped a hell of a lot and this anxiety is something that lives with me now but is something I have learned to manage which isn’t much of problem anymore.

I really hope now with people talking about mental health the stigma gets removed and people are more open about it. I hope this week shed some light on the subject and anyone that was struggling got help or talked to someone about it.
Now this wouldn’t be a Look it’s Jasmine post without a fashion breakdown..
This outfit was based around this beautiful frill shirt from Shein. They were kind enough to send me this style up! I decided to do a semi-dress up outfit with some simple heals with a statement belt. I love a good white shirt and black jeans combo. I also added this super cute mini Primark bag to round off the details. 

Shirt – Shein – $17

Jeans – Missguided – £22

Shoes – Newlook – £19.99

Bag – Primark – £7

Belt – Missguided – £8


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