Likes and dislikes to blogging

When it comes to blogging you always face the advantages and disadvantages. This is something I always struggle with as I always find it difficult to stay motivated through the dislikes of blogging.

Let’s start with my favourite parts of blogging!

My favourite part of blogging is being able to put something out there. I find myself feeling more productive when I do this because I feel like I’m adding a small (nano sized) bit to the blogging world. I’m also from a small town so it’s nice to be a blogger contributing from a place that doesn’t have it all and that you don’t need to live in a big city to blog. Another favourite part of blogging to be is how far I have come as a person due to being so shy and timid when it came to admitting  I have a blog. I find myself being much more open about it to others and not feeling that weird ashamed feeling.

As everyone knows that there is always disadvantages to advantages…here are some of my thoughts..

Staying motivated. I find it so hard to stay motivated through periods of time when blogging gets rough. When this happens I find myself comparing myself to others. I try my best not to do this as it can be self destructive but when your around such perfect feeds and successful bloggers it hard not to.

I am trying to take one step forward with this by trying not to do it to help my long term blogging happiness by not comparing myself to others. It’s vital to be yourself and work hard as it will be more rewarding in the long run rather than everything being handed to you 🙂

I love blogging and it is a fantastic hobby  to have but to me it does have its ups and downs. So anyone wanting to blog should do it and don’t be put off when it gets rough.

I hope you enjoyed my kinda depressing rant about motivation and about my blogging struggles!



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