Inside my makeup bag // 10 Products of 2016


2016 is finally coming to an end so I am bringing you an end of year blog post of my favourite beauty products from my makeup bag. This year has been my year of experimenting with beauty products so why not celebrate this with 10 of my favourites! Some of these products are my long time favourites and some are pretty new to my beauty routine so lets get started…

STARTING AT NUMBER 1….Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion with pump.

This is my go-to moisturiser when it comes to my daily routine. I absolutely love how much it has changed my dry skin on my face, especially over the winter. This product gives me the perfect base for any makeup I want to wear whether it is light or heavy. I think this is going to take a lot for me to convert moisturisers after this.

Price – £30

NUMBER 2…..Kat Von D ‘Lock-It” Hydrating face primer.

This is a newish product to my list. I started using this late October as I never used a primer for my foundation base so I thought I would give it a try. I never thought primers really worked after reading articles about how primers don’t really work but this one has proved me wrong as my foundation stays on for hours longer than it would with just a moisturiser as a base. This not only keeps my makeup on for longer but it also moisturises my face without being too heavy or thick.


Price – £24.00

NUMBER 3….Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Moving on to the foundation…This has been my favourite foundation so far this year. I seem to have tried many high street foundations but they never seem to stay on my skin for very long. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation is now the one for me! I love the coverage of this foundation as it is a medium/build-able to suit what condition my skin is in on that day. Whether it is blemish city or crystal clear, I know this has my back.  Can I just mention the awesome packaging..feels so sleek.


Price – £27.00

NUMBER 4….. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This is another new product to my makeup bag. After falling in love with my Urban Decay foundation I decided to go for my next makeup product from this brand…their mascara….This is my favourite kind of mascara as it has such a chunky wand which coats all my lashes evenly! This also gives me the best volume on my lashes without them being clumped together or looking messy which I can’t stand…Who wants clumpy lashes?


Price – £17.50

NUMBER 5…..Urban Decay Perversion Fine point eye pen

Liquid eyeliner is always a must in my makeup bag so I found it hard to move from my go-to NYX matte liquid liner to this Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner. I like to try new things with my makeup so I decided to try a marker styled eyeliner as I have seen how easy it makes eyeliner applications. This stays on all day and I can create so many eyeliner styles to reflect what mood I am in!


Price – £16.50

NUMBER 6…Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 50ml.

On to something non-beauty related just to switch it up a little! My fave scent at the end of this 2016 is my Dolce & Gabbana light blue. It smells luxurious without being overpowering or heavy.  I previously loved my Dolce & Gabbana The One but sadly I ran out so I wanted to try something new!


Price – £50

NUMBER 7…..Colourpop Solow 

PRAIS THE LORD COLOURPOP NOW SHIPS TO THE UK!!! This is very much my favourite lipstick as it is the perfect shade of pink that matches my skin tone without being too peach toned. I swear the wait is worth it as these Matte lipsticks last all day and don’t dry your lips out too much!


Price – $6

NUMBER 8….Zoeva Strobe Gel Halo

Zoeva is my new upcoming makeup brand! I have a few things from their make up range. Their products don’t disappoint with their high quality and reasonable prices. This strobe gel is a perfect base for my highlight as it acts almost like a glue to hold all the pretty highlight to my face and keep it in place all day. Never knew how useful strobing cream/gels can be!


Price – £11

NUMBER 9….NYX HD Concealer 

I will not be swapping out this concealer out anytime soon….I can’t get over this product for the price. It is the perfect consistency for concealer without being cakey or thick. I love using this for my under eyes and highlighting around my face as the porcelain shade does this perfectly for me!  I have used high end concealers in the past that haven’t done the trick like this one does. Love love love it!!


Price – £5.50

NUMBER 10!!….ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel colour

This is my final product of 2016 that I love…I give you the Benefit brow gel! This product is great for getting your browns in shape and on fleek. Having a brow gel is now a must in my makeup bag because I find brow pencils gives me such a horrible cakey feeling to my brows and this is something this product doesn’t do. It’s lightweight and lasts all day even when I rub my eyes after a day in the office. I would love to try this in a darker shade to match my darker hair!


Price – £18.50

That is all for my Top 10 products of 2016…I hope y0u enjoyed my pointless ramblings about my favourite products and I hope you give some of these a try!


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