How I got out my blogging slump ft Shein



How I got out my blogging slump!


After weeks of feeling down with blogging I took a step back. I knew that I needed to to this as I was feeling like I was on self destruct with every aspect of blogging and I didn’t want to just quit over this. This was the best decision I have made so far in blogging. I’m going to share my few ways on how I got past the brick wall of my blogging slump.

Blogging has become such a big deal to me over the last year as it filled a huge part of my life that was missing. I loved expressing myself though blogging and instagram but I found myself picking at every single thing about myself over the last two months. It was important to me to not be that person where I didn’t feel good enough as a blogger but I knew if I let that feeling fester, it would have been the end of my blog. I was at the point where I wanted to quit, I didn’t want to do something that didn’t make me feel good about myself anymore.

I didn’t do anything to hasty by closing my accounts down etc but I took a break from instagram in the week. I decided to take up my first love…art. I was so shocked how much of a big difference this made. Having a separate hobby to blogging really helped with putting things into perspective. I wasn’t constantly checking social media, instead I was reading about techniques and what I can paint next. By not checking social media I had nobody to compare my blog to. Not looking at new things to buy like a clothes addict. I was enjoying doing something different which made going back to blogging a pleasure. I no longer cared what anyone else was posting, I just started to care about what I wanted to post. My creativity for my blog was on full power just like I used to do with blogging.

I never knew the importance of having other hobbies so your not just living in blogging and social media. I feel a hell of a lot happier because I don’t care what others are doing or posting. I’m just enjoying posting my non-instagram perfect pictures and honestly I love it! Now for my fashion breakdown…

Now we all love a Zara dupe from time to time…Shein kindly gifted me this lovely embroidered blouse. It is perfect for the summer! I’m still loving embroidery….is that sad?!


Top – Shein – $21.00

Jeans – Missguided – £22.00

Shoes – Newlook – £11.00

Sunglasses – Pull & Bear – £12.99


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