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Greetings! I am back on the blog machine with a very cool review. Recently I decided to take a step further in the ios world by swapping out my android phone for an Iphone. I can’t believe I didn’t swap this sooner! One thing I just love is now I can get so many cool phone cases because before I felt seriously left out. I was recently very lucky to be approached by Caseable to review one of their recycled phone cases. Their website offers a range of designs created by artists. I personally found it hard to choose because all the designs were just so good. You could also go your own way by uploading your own designs to get that super personalised touch.


I decided on an abstract palm print for my Iphone case created by one of their artists. I have a real soft spot for palm leaves right now so I couldn’t resist on this one. I received the product one week later as it came from Berlin which was super fast!


Now onto the quality of the case…The quality of this case is premium and feels well made which is very important as your trusting this to keep your phone safe! I also really love the feel of this case as it has a slight grip to it so it doesn’t go sliding out your hand which is my favourite phone dropping trick.


An important feature to this case is the inside. This has a recycled inner piece that protects your phone further from scratching and shock. This is such a nice touch to the case as it gives it even more personality from the brand.

Overall this case is by far one of the best I have ever had as it’s more than a phone’s a smart phone case protecting almost every aspect of your phone while still being stylish and fitting your personality. When it comes to protecting your phone it’s worth every penny.

Iphone 6 Phone case Summer Sell – £19.90

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