Statement Blazer // 3 ways

I am back this week with a new ¬†blog post which I am excited about! Over the last week or two I’ve really lacked inspiration for blog posts so I’ve just not bothered writing one but after a very inspiring shopping trip I feel like I’m ready to start posting again.

I really feel that the shops are doing it all right at the moment with spring/summer trends! I found myself trying on so many fabulous garments that got me very excited for the summer season. I particularly found myself drawn to a bright pink blazer from Primark. I have always always always wanted a statement blazer that I can work into my wardrobe to bring outfits to life and this certainly meets all expectations. To show the versatility of this blazer I have pulled together my 3 ways to wear it.

  1. The casual way…

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Likes and dislikes to blogging

When it comes to blogging you always face the advantages and disadvantages. This is something I always struggle with as I always find it difficult to stay motivated through the dislikes of blogging.

Let’s start with my favourite parts of blogging!

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